Manda Noorzad

“Painting is not a reflection of a feeling rather than by issuing a statement I’m interested in things that are introduced to the world. Every day, thousands of how random things happening every day and sometimes several times a day passes but do not see the painting is not passing.”

MA in philosophy in Art (Utrecht university NE 2018)

MA in communication in media (APU/UK 2004)

B A in chemistry engineering

She started painting at age of fourteen with the professional art teachers and painters  in Tehran Iran.

She chose to do abstract painting after learning  academic drawing and professional watercolor painting .

she is abstract painter to talk to people with different & special way .

She passed professional modern art subjects  with the modern art specialist in Millan art institute .

she makes and creates new vision and prefers  to change ordinary material and colors in her works.


  • The award of Rome art festival 2016
  • The selected art works in Singapure art show 2017
  • The award in venice art festival  2018
  • The award of Tehaartaward 2018
  • The people choice award from uk 2019rom uk 2019

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